Communication Design and Experience Design at Miami University

Internships are a valuable part of the learning experience in the Communication and Experience Design programs at Miami University. The experience of working with design practitioners provides learners with knowledge, thinking, and skills that can’t be perfectly simulated on campus. Each internship and the professionals who provide them are different… which leads to a unique learning experience and environment that can shape early-career designer careers in profound ways.

Internship Process

Our process involves three steps:

  1. Pre-Internship setup and agreements
  2. Midpoint reviews and reflection
  3. Final review and reflection

Each of these steps is detailed below and on the pages of this site. Forms are provided for students and employers to complete at each step of the way.

Prior to Internship Start

Establish the parameters of the internship and agree to requirements.

Internship Midpoint Review

Feedback and reflection as the internship progresses.

Internship Final Review

Evaluation and reflection on the internship.

Thank You!

Your involvement in this process as a student or employer is very important. We appreciate your time and effort to make this a great experience for all involved. Your feedback will help shape the future of design and our program.